Acceptable Use Policy

"AustNet provides its users with custom client services, in the form of OPAS (Open Public Access Services)."

These services were written by co-founder Roger Yerramsetti, and now actively maintained by a few dedicated individuals.

For a more detailed view of our available user and channel modes, including IRCd and services announcements, please visit our resources page for further information.

ChanOP (Channel Operator)

This service allows AustNet users to maintain complete control of a registered channel. ChanOP offers a stable environment for channels by preventing malicious takeovers, while providing operators with a user database facility.

NickOP (Nickname Operator)

The nickname server allows users to register and reserve their nickname for their sole usage if desired. The nickname server will guarantee users rights to the nickname, and if set, ensures that the nickname is kept free from any unauthorised use.

NoteOP (Note Operator)

NoteOP allows users who own registered nicknames on AustNet to send short messages to one another or to channels for them to read when they are next online.

HelpOP (Help Operator)

This service allows you to find out everything you need to know regarding Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and the AustNet IRC network. This will allow you as the user to access help related information online anytime.

ASD (AustNet Services Department)

ASD is a service provided by AustNet for Services Operators and Administrators. Staff members who require special access to AustNets' Open Public Access System (OPAS) may use ASD to assist IRC users whom require technical support, e.g. reset of nickname password or channel transfer to another nickname.