Welcome to AustNet

02 Aug 2012

AustNet is now offering vHosts

AustNet is now offering vHosts to the networks regular users. To qualify for a vhost, you must have had your nickname registered for at least 4 weeks.

Example of a potential vHost: knifebunny@is.a.friendly.bunny

Please have a look at the guidelines here if you would like a vhost for your nickname.

23 Oct 2011

Notable channels

Regulars of AustNet have always heard of #Melbourne, #Perth, #Brisbane and the like, but have you heard of these little gems?

#GLOBAL -- An inter-connect channel whereby chatters from all networks can come together!


#irchorseracing -- RPG style horse racing game. In-depth, structured, and very fun with a long standing community.


22 Jun 2011

Social Media, and other such things

Like us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter; click "Read More" for the full scoop

AustNet can now be followed/liked on both Twitter and Facebook. Those of you who enjoy AustNet are
recommended to subscribe to one or both of these feeds to keep up to date. We had a DNS issue recently
as DNS hosting was being shifted and it caused a number of problems for people trying to connect, and we
provided updates on our Twitter feed directly regarding this issue. You may also use these social media
outlets for information and updates/queries regarding these and other matters if no other point of contact
is available.

We hope to also provide other interesting things through these channels, stay tuned.

12 May 2011

New AustNet website

After many years of using the wordpress framework for delivering and moderating content on the AustNet website,
with great pleasure we are happy to announce the new AustNet website. Whilst the initial framework has been
set up, there are additional plans in store to improve the functionality of the site and offer regularly updates of the
happenings on AustNet.

Please stay tuned.

12 May 2011

pidgin - multi-platform chat

pidgin is a multi-platform chat program, and one of the protocols it uses is IRC.

To ensure that your experience on AustNet with pidgen is made easier, there is some useful information you should
be aware of to utilise the automatic login function;

Just use the text replacement plugin on the tools menu, add custom text in the "you type" box saying something along the
lines of "austnetID", and then type in the "replaced by" text box with the following

/msg NickOP identify YOURPASSWDHERE