AustNet IRC Network

If you would like to request an open port exemption (subject to approval) on your host/IP/domain, please fill out the form below. Please use your registered AustNet account nickname & associated email address for verification purposes. NB: Only ONE IP is accepted. Your IP adddress has been logged.

If you don't already have a registered nickname & unable to connect to complete registration, you will need to close the offending port(s) to allow your client to connect. A registered nickname is a requirement & no exceptions will be made.
The email you specify above must be associated with your registered nickname.
The IP you specify above must be a static IP & NOT a dynamic IP.
Be specific with what port(s) are open. Stating "all" is NOT an acceptable answer.
The question above is to convince us why you need the exemption.
What is 28 - 15?
The question above is for security purposes only.
All fields are required.